E-Commerce vs. Renting (hint.. E-Commerce wins)

Jaskaran Kohli

Jaskaran Kohli

Piccadilly Circus is renowned, the world over. Being the point of convergence of Piccadilly, Regent St, Coventry St and Shaftesbury Ave, huge companies worldwide clamour for real-estate and advertising space in this hotspot for one simple reason:




In marketing, traffic means opportunity.

The Rise of eCommerce

The expansion of service-carrying networks and the extension of their capabilities has led to the explosion of every-day internet use.

Along-side the internet came smartphones, integrated payment and delivery APIs and inventory management tools; the result: ECommerce.

The growth and optimisation of search engines and social media have aided and abetted the online economy. Basically, people can now find what they need, online, much faster than ever before.

ECommerce has been tremendously successful, changing the way we buy and sell goods, services, licences, titles, permissions, stocks, shares, groceries, pets and take-away dinners.

The ever-expanding reach of the internet presents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs.

As a platform to showcase goods/services, differentiate features and execute remittance and delivery, ECommerce provides direct competition with brick-and-mortar shops.

E-commerce begs comparison with Rental property, particularly for early-stage ventures.

The relative cost-effectiveness of websites and the meritocratic nature of traffic generation (through SEO and Social media strategy) means that E-commerce can serve as a valuable piece in the puzzle for entrepreneurs trying to set-up low-risk, cost-effective businesses.

The unlimited reach and its unlimited capacity for scale without such dependency on man-power and floor space makes e-commerce a fixture for any ambitious company.

With both the development of 5G and the inevitable improvement in same-day delivery, investing in online presence is a wise decision for early-stage, results-oriented entrepreneurs.


Jaskaran Kohli

Jaskaran Kohli

Jaskaran has an academic background in law technology, a passion for front-end design, and a talent for leadership. His work ethic to provide incite has, and continues to provoke thought, interest and action.

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